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How we run our sales

Off-Site Sales

The following is our NEW process for running our Off-Site sales (When it has to be removed from the home/property.) 

Welcome to Swanson's Estate Sales Store!

Located in Hamilton, MT, we are open five days a week for your shopping pleasure. Tuesday 8am-6pm and Wednesday through Saturday 9am-6pm.

 Every Tuesday begins the new sales week at Swanson's. When you come in, there will be a full price, a 25% off, and a 50% off colored tag (marked on signs throughout the store). These prices last the entire week, through Saturday. Then, at 3pm every Saturday, whatever estate(s) that was 50% off for that week will be auctioned off to the highest bidders.

After that, the process starts again. A new estate will be added to the sales floor for our opening that next Tuesday. That will become the full price estate. Whatever was full price the week before, now becomes 25% off for that week. Whatever was 25% off the week before, now becomes 50% off and will be auctioned off that Saturday. 

This process allows everyone to have a better chance to come shop every estate. Also, no matter when you come into Swanson's to shop, there will ALWAYS be something discounted! With this new adventure will come a learning and readjusting process, one that we are happy to help you learn so that you may enjoy your experience at Swanson's!

On-Site Sales:

The following process is how we run our On-Site estate sales (At the client's home or property).

Day 1- Full price THURSDAY

Start of the sale, Thursday's @ 8am at full-price. We do not go-down or negotiate on price the first day. If the item happens to be there the next day it will be less. Items sell quickly, and we are the Estate Sale company for the Client! Hours are always 8am-6 pm on the first day.

(Each sale is different client's and different merchandise every time.)

*Fresh cookies or donuts and coffee during the first day of the sale FREE

Day 2- 25% OFF   FRIDAY

It's our 25% off Day! Almost every item that is left is discounted by 25%. There are a few exceptions like vehicles, equipment, boat etc. Everything else IS 25% off all day long. These 25% off days are always Friday's from 8am-6pm.


50% off Day from open at 8am-3pm on Saturday Everything that is left is 50% off whatever the marked price is on the item (with a few exceptions as stated above). If the item was $10 it's now $5. After 3 pm there are no individual sales except through auction (see below).

Saturday @ 3pm

Saturday At 2:00pm registration begins. NO cost and NO buyer's premium, in fact we have free pizza with bid numbers! The auction starts promptly at 3pm. We auction off whatever is left of the estate sale, either by the item or collection, everything goes. We take cash, check or credit cards. Everything bought at auction must be paid for and then picked up that same evening. We clean out the whole building that night. It's a great way to get a deal on some unique items.

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