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Helping you move to


There are many events that happen for someone to

need our help-

•Someone has passed away.

•Multiple beneficiary's of an estate.

•Down sizing your collection.

•Moving to a smaller home

•Moving a loved one to a nursing home or living facility.


•Required to sell due to tax issues, foreclosure or court order.

•You may have a house full of items to sell.

We often work with Attorneys & Realtors on your behalf.

There is no job too big for us! We are licensed, insured and come highly recommended. We have had the privilege of liquidating some high profile clients & we use the utmost discretion.

How it works

A step by step guide of how we work from the minute you call.

#1 Free Consultation

You call Mike and he comes out to your home so he can see the best way to help you. It's completely free with no obligations. *NO UPFRONT COST EVER!

At this time Mike determines if it can be an on site sale, off site sale, auction or buyout. He then assess the cost for us to do the sale for you and then leaves you with a contract to look over.

#2 Setting a date

When your contract is signed we schedule your sale date. We have estate sales year round, and in most cases we can work with you in your time frame.


Set up-

If your sale is on-site. We have a scheduled start date where we begin the estate sale process. It takes us about a week from start to finish, depending on the extensiveness of the estate. 


If your sale is off-site we come to your home and pack, box up & move everything that you need us to sell. There are no additional fees for this, this cost is included in our commission price.

#4 Our process

Our process is unique, no one else puts the time in to  clean, organize, display and de-junk a sale like we do. All items are displayed in categories like kitchen, tools, books etc. We make it clean and organized for our customers to find things easily. All items are on linen tablecloths and off the floor for easy viewing.

*We want the estate to have dignity. It's important to us.

#5 Price

We research items that are unique and find market value for your items. We price every item, either in a collection or individually. We have a great team that works hard to get the most money out of your items.

#6       3- Day Sale

Day 1- Everything is full price *No offers or discounts (Which in our profession, is unheard of!)

Day 2- Everything- (except for equipment) is 25% off

Day3- Everything-(except equipment) is 50% off from 8am-3pm


At 3pm on the final day we auction off everything that is left to the highest bidders. Anywhere from 30-100 bidders show up to purchase individual or bulk items. This leaves NO WASTE for our sales! Which means more money for you!

#7  Clean up

We clean up everything after the sale, usually the last day of the sale we are out but occasionally the day after. If we used the home to have an on-site sale, then we sweep & mop & vacuum etc. We make it look as if we were never there.


#8 Show me the MONEY!

After the sale has ended, we tally up all the receipts and get you your money!

Yup, It's PAYDAY time!!


We often work with realtors and hand out flyers about the house when it's listed for sale. You would not believe how many customers ask if the home is available while they look.

It's better than an open house with many more potential buyers. We even had one estate sale that the customer of our sale saw the house, approached the realtor and went into closing before the sale was over.


We get the word out!

We utilize-

Our website

Facebook group and page as well as other social media sites, ads, and online

Craigslist local & out of the area

As well as local business flyer advertising

What our customers are saying

We loved working with you before, during and after our sale. Your honesty, integrity and professionalism made working to sell our belongings so easy. You showed up when you said you would. You actually answered your own phone, usually in today's market. When you said something, you did it. Working with you was a dream. Thank you Mike!

-Bob & Loxi Faber
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